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As we all know by now, Lady Gaga had defaced her White Kelly Birkin with a Sharpie marker in Kanji (Japanese script) with the help of Terence Koh in April 2010. Picture credits: Styleite Picture credits: fashionista Picture credits: Lady Gaga Twitter A month on… No surprises that she did it again! This time, wrecking […]

Happy high after hearing this remix of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face – Kanye West.  No alcohol required. Hit the dance floor baby…

Lee Hyori released her new MV for the title track “Chitty Chatty Bang Bang” from her latest album, H-Logic. I find it too Lady Gaga-ish.  Where is the originality? And in the following MV, Lee Hyori looked like trash.  In my opinion, the costumes were outrageously ugly especially the first scene of the UFO landing […]

Bad Romance?


Are you having a bad romance? Don’t be down, have a good laugh.  I really enjoyed watching the parody of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance for the Bulgarian premiere on MAD TV a few months back. View the original music video here. Although Halloween is only in October, you can start practicing on achieving Gaga’s look […]

Here’s a quick synopsis of the MV! Lady Gaga gets thrown in jail, “some idiot” bailed her out, Gaga joins her vagabond partner-in-crime, Beyoncé, on a journey to exterminate men and Gaga says “you know what they say.. once you kill a cow, you gotta ’em burger”. The official poster for “Telephone“. WATCH!!! There is […]