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I am wishing for a “Chuck & Blair forever” ending this coming season finale of Gossip Girl’s Season 3. Picture credit: Fanpop C: “I’d be waiting at the top of the Empire State building.” C: “You and I are magnetic.  You can feel it.  Our pole is as undeniable as ever.  I love you.” C: […]

ANTM C14 Winner


It all boiled down to two lovely ladies, standing before Tyra. Who will be eliminated? Who will be America’s Next Top Model? Episode 11 incorporated so many events, from a Cover Girl commercial and shoot, an informal shoot for Krista and Raina with their families and an Anna Sui runway walk. Covergirl shoot: I thought […]

ANTM: Hair


Hair hair hair and alot more hair on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 14, Episode 7! Best photo and flying first-class to NEW ZEALAND went to Krista! OMG!

One gift. A thousand fantasies… If you are a fan of Transformers, you would love this hot VS commercial for 2010 directed by Michael Bay. Be prepared for smoking hot VS models, Bay’s  known trademark elements such as the helicopter and an array of glamorous explosions.  I love the 1.15 second into the video (as […]

Strike a pose. Say “Will Schuester I hate you”. Dance to the music… Adored the part from 0.58 seconds into the video. Damn, Sue looks lovely! Ms Sylvester gets a makeover by Kurt and Mercedes in a black and white video. I wouldn’t say its a spoof but a job well done in remaking Madonna’s […]