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ASOS Flash Sale


Depressed, moody and feisty. The only happy thought is retail therapy. What a better way to cool down with ASOS flash sale during UK’s lunch time. Selected party dresses at 1/3 discount, its a pretty good deal! I have a love for drape so I decided to purchase this ASOS Drapey One Sleeve Jersey Dress […]

Tick tock


I can never get enough of surfing the ASOS website and I found this Monochrome Watch Face Necklace too cute! What a way to wear a timepiece.

Matryoshkus à la Russe – I am unable to pronounce it but I can definitely say out loud Petabyte, Terabyte, Gigabyte, Megabyte, Kilobyte, Byte and Bit. Made in Russia and designed by Anton Shnaider and Natalia Antsiferova, this set is adorable and geeky at the same time.  Each piece is hand-painted by Nizhny Novgorod craftsmen. […]

It is too good a deal to miss out on, especially with cheap direct international shipping to Singapore (very rare indeed). Threadless has 30 tees lesser in their inventory from the 2 orders I made today on behalf of myself, the bf, friends and colleagues. For US$10.00 a tee + US$0.63 for shipping a tee, […]

So apt. I have this tee shirt in my wardrobe and if I go back to the office on the weekends, I wear it. Pictures credit: Threadless Buy now: The war against work by Glenn Jones – US$10 Shop the US$10 sale now online! For a limited time, Threadless is offering Flat Rate shipping. That […]

Back from my escapade to Malacca over the weekend and disappointed that I had no time to hit the malls as it was a foodie road trip… I decided to order some items from ASOS since I am able to get free shipping to my sister’s hotel room in Windsor, UK as she is on […]

Eyeing 2 Pairs


I am eyeing… 1) Oasis Leather Work Boot I want a pair of boots. I find Dr Martens’ cutting a bit too big for my narrow, skinny feet and rather heavy to walk in.  I want something light and this pair of soft leather boots looks comfortable! 2) Fred Perry Phoenix Canvas 2 Trainers Help! […]