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Happy mid week! Take a break, have a Kit Kat. Advertisements

If you have yet to catch these videos on Youtube from 中国达人秀 [China’s Got Talent], you should.  They are both 23 year old, a year younger than I am, and I feel ashamed that I spend time complaining instead of smiling or having the determination they have. The first special mention goes to 朱洁 [Zhu […]

Oh Africa!


I love the beat to this World Cup 2010 song, “Of Africa” by Akon featuring Keli Hilson. I love the splashes of colour, I love the tribal prints, I love the national flag face paints, I love the animal prints, I love the body paints on the drummers as they blend into the wall, I […]

Happy high after hearing this remix of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face – Kanye West.  No alcohol required. Hit the dance floor baby…

The Wonder Girls have a new disco-inspired song titled 2 Different Tears and it was recorded in 3 languages (i.e. English, Korean and Mandarin). An alien like a Pikachu? Well, the Wonder Girls are alien secret agents and they are tasked to crash a party to capture a man, an alien who is “5 foot […]

I am really in need of some energy now. I’m down with a bad throat and cough, the walls of my mouth are all numb (it feels like you have just scalded yourself after you drink hot soup without blowing) and its worst when the air is stale in an air-conditioned environment.  The doctor wasn’t […]

Strike a pose. Say “Will Schuester I hate you”. Dance to the music… Adored the part from 0.58 seconds into the video. Damn, Sue looks lovely! Ms Sylvester gets a makeover by Kurt and Mercedes in a black and white video. I wouldn’t say its a spoof but a job well done in remaking Madonna’s […]