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Black Swan


I wasn’t expecting a psychological thriller out of the upcoming movie, Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. The official trailer is out and you can feel the intensity of the storyline. The black tutu dress donned by Natalie is beautifully designed by the Rodarte pair, Kate and Laura Mulleavy. The makeup transforms Natalie […]

Despite being only 16 years old, Dakota Fanning is so poised, mature and a wonderful actress. I loved her as Jane, the Italian Vulturi vampire in New Moon (part 2 of the Twilight series), which was her first villain role. It was hard recognising Fanning because of the heavy goth makeup, washed out complexion and […]

iTunesHits is showing Beauty and the Briefcase, an ABC Family television film starring Hilary Duff as an undercover fashion journalist. “Joining the business world to find love.” – Lane Daniels (Hilary Duff) Watch all the parts of the 120 minute long telemovie on youtube! Its funny! “Yums the word” I love her dresses! Say hello […]

Seven Days


Seven Days is a telemovie, a romantic comedy and an insight to a typical Chinese marriage procedure in Singapore. The oh so typical line… “Its time to apply for a flat (i.e. HDB flat).” Which I seriously detest but that’s the reality of living in a place like Singapore and finding a place to live. […]

Monga 艋舺


One of the best Mandarin/Hokkien movies to date, Monga is a Taiwanese movie set in the 1980s of Taipei in the district of Monga, it is an action drama that tells a story of a group of 5 teenagers who later form a brotherhood and oath of “the Prince Gang”.  Friendships are formed, enemies are […]

Aiden Shaw is back and the new Sex and The City (SATC) 2 is set mainly in Abu Dhabi.  So what happens after you say “I do?” two years later? I checked Golden Village and SATC 2 will be released in Singapore on 27 May 2010. “Sometimes, you just have to get away with the […]

Does a place of wonder, mystery and danger exist? Yes! And you can start by dressing the part for it! View the lookbook put together by Forever21 online here… “Painting the roses red… We’re painting the roses red…” And why? Because… “the Queen she likes it red…” Have you checked your watch? The clock is […]