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The Wonder Girls have a new disco-inspired song titled 2 Different Tears and it was recorded in 3 languages (i.e. English, Korean and Mandarin). An alien like a Pikachu? Well, the Wonder Girls are alien secret agents and they are tasked to crash a party to capture a man, an alien who is “5 foot […]

I am really in need of some energy now. I’m down with a bad throat and cough, the walls of my mouth are all numb (it feels like you have just scalded yourself after you drink hot soup without blowing) and its worst when the air is stale in an air-conditioned environment.  The doctor wasn’t […]

Lee Hyori released her new MV for the title track “Chitty Chatty Bang Bang” from her latest album, H-Logic. I find it too Lady Gaga-ish.  Where is the originality? And in the following MV, Lee Hyori looked like trash.  In my opinion, the costumes were outrageously ugly especially the first scene of the UFO landing […]

Behold a burst of colours with some Korean music and fashion! Last year, LG launched the Lollipop mobile phone, featuring YG Entertainment’s Big Bang and their sister group, 2NE1. Last month, Big Bang released the sequel titled Lollipop 2 and here’s some sweet dessert for girls out there as the boys dance around in psychedelic […]