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Heart collage


This is pretty! Definitely much nicer to have a heart shaped collage of memories than a cheesy wedding picture of yourself above your bed. Source: Cellardoor Magazine Advertisements

Matryoshkus à la Russe – I am unable to pronounce it but I can definitely say out loud Petabyte, Terabyte, Gigabyte, Megabyte, Kilobyte, Byte and Bit. Made in Russia and designed by Anton Shnaider and Natalia Antsiferova, this set is adorable and geeky at the same time.  Each piece is hand-painted by Nizhny Novgorod craftsmen. […]

Hang On


Inspired by Disorder. “Jade Barnes-Richardson has taken the archetypal coat hanger and created a new and exciting piece of furniture from an original idea. Inspired by how clothes, overcoats and other accessories are often dumped around the home, Hang On is a coat rack consisting of a collection of several coat hangers. Chaos and useful […]