Goodbye 2010


It is sad that 2010 has to end.

It has been an awesome year of….

1. Holidays (Malacca, Bangkok, Jakarta/Bogor, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Phnom Penh, KL (again), Osaka)

2. Balenciaga (City RGGH, Envelope RGGH)

3. Live action (YOG Judo)

4. Dress up (Pirate for D&D, Toy Soldier for Halloween)

5. Meetups (Animal farm girls, Gfs, Uni friends, Colleagues/Ex-colleagues, Family)

6. Happyhighsemidrunk moments (Tax bash, D&D, Office Christmas Party)

7. Bangs (Yes I cut bangs twice but it only lasted for a few weeks each time)

8. Love (A big thank you to the bf who has been there for me thick and thin for the past 5 years despite my tantrums, anger fits and my flaws)

I wish for the same as above and more to add on for 2011!


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