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As we all know by now, Lady Gaga had defaced her White Kelly Birkin with a Sharpie marker in Kanji (Japanese script) with the help of Terence Koh in April 2010. Picture credits: Styleite Picture credits: fashionista Picture credits: Lady Gaga Twitter A month on… No surprises that she did it again! This time, wrecking […]

Silence. Why? Was it greed? Was it overachievement? A failed partnership. “Fashion Nation will cease operations after 31 May 2010.”



Have you heard of CORNERY? The Popcorn Gallery is located at #B4-46, ION Orchard. Picture credits: Cornery Its mission? “To revolutionise the conventional perception of popcorn in Asia, bringing it to a totally new realm of eating experience.” You can ask to sample the different savoury and sweet flavours at the outlet like Caramel, Chocolate, […]

Patek Philippe is currently holding an exhibition, titled “The Values of a Family Watch Company” at St. Regis Singapore from 27 to 31 May 2010.  Thanks to a heads-up from the bf’s SMU mailer, we signed up for the guided tour session and were treated to an insight of the 250 timepieces from the Patek […]

Fashion Nation


I didn’t know something bad was brewing in our local blogosphere and I was very shocked when I read @DottieTan‘s tweet and post. I have been an avid reader since I stumbled upon Fashion Nation a year and a half ago.  I often anticipated their posts on “Things to do this weekend”, fashion notes like […]

My girlfriend and her bestie have been conducting their private sale of their clothes, shoes and accessories once or twice a year at Joanna’s home and I think this is their third time organising.  So here we go again! Handmade invites. The living room was transformed into a walk-in “store”.  Its time to shop! And […]

Happy high after hearing this remix of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face – Kanye West.  No alcohol required. Hit the dance floor baby…