Chitty Chatty Bang Bang


Lee Hyori released her new MV for the title track “Chitty Chatty Bang Bang” from her latest album, H-Logic.

I find it too Lady Gaga-ish.  Where is the originality? And in the following MV, Lee Hyori looked like trash.  In my opinion, the costumes were outrageously ugly especially the first scene of the UFO landing and her alien gold head.  When she was dancing in the middle of the road with her blue star print jumpsuit and bright yellow fur-like coat, she looked like a clown.  I saw no link in the outfits with the song.  A terrible mash. Overdone.

Even the H-Logic album teaser that was released previously was so obviously inspired by Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” MV.  The pop art and the comic copy was prevelant in Lee Hyori’s album teaser.

Lee Hyori, I thought you could do better like you did before.  Disappointing.


3 Responses to “Chitty Chatty Bang Bang”

  1. If I had a nickel for every time I came to… Amazing post.

  2. The hairdo looks very “lady gaga”…Seriously….Hyori looks better in the “original package”, I love her personality and style…lets hope she goes back to improving her original self. Her latest album is cool, if u are a fan, u should get it

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