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Show in 3D


I understand that my posts has been revolving around music of late, however, I am very very very psyched about what I’m going to talk about next… Cheena (i.e. A derogatory term used by Singaporeans who are more well-versed and comfortable in English to describe (insult) those who are more well versed in Chinese and […]



Do you love Glee? I love it to bits and you can actually watch the full episodes here. In the meantime, here’s a treat for all… A snippet of the dance “boot camp” the Glee club members had to go through for the filming of Season 1. I would love to share my favourite dances, […]

Bad Romance?


Are you having a bad romance? Don’t be down, have a good laugh.  I really enjoyed watching the parody of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance for the Bulgarian premiere on MAD TV a few months back. View the original music video here. Although Halloween is only in October, you can start practicing on achieving Gaga’s look […]

“I wanted to design shoes for showgirls because a showgirl is like a bird of paradise” – Christian Louboutin Why? Credit: Netaporter The result of women wearing high heels? Fragile vs. strong? “Shoes are a bit of an addition” – Christian Louboutin I disagree. To me, shoes are an addiction. My addiction. Shared by my […]

Say what? Yes! Kate Spade online is having a sale on sale! Take an additional 25% off all sale items till 4 April 2010! These bags on sale are just love! Some of my favourites… bon mot bon shopper – Perfect for a sunny or rainy day, perfect for the weather change in Singapore! Now, […]

Loot Sneak Peek


Sneak peek… of my recent purchase from today, can’t wait to receive the parcel in 3 to 4 weeks time! From ruched one shoulder dress/tunics, basic skinny denim jeans and shorts, cardigans, to a loud cheetah sweater tunic. Happy Splurge Thursday!

Does a place of wonder, mystery and danger exist? Yes! And you can start by dressing the part for it! View the lookbook put together by Forever21 online here… “Painting the roses red… We’re painting the roses red…” And why? Because… “the Queen she likes it red…” Have you checked your watch? The clock is […]